Ready to scrap the power struggle and build a dream relationship with your dog?

Boisterous to Bonded
in 6 Weeks

Turn your rambunctious dog into an attentive, engaged family member:

What if your dog was a source of stress relief?

What if training was fun AND fast?

What if you were proud of your dog's behavior?

With this program, you'll discover how to:

  1. Be proud of your dog’s behavior around friends and family.

  2. Relax knowing your dog will listen and won’t embarrass you.

  3. Build a life-long, close bond quickly and easily.

"The first session with Elizabeth was great! Our dog was already picking up on good behaviors. When she left, my husband and I felt like we can have a good dog that's a model citizen. If you need training with your dog, we would definitely recommend contacting Elizabeth at Stay Positive Animal Training!"

Rachael K.

What's Included:

1. In-Home Private Coaching Sessions

Six one-on-one coaching sessions for you and your dog customized to your needs and goals.

2. Day Training Lessons

Six day training sessions where I come to your home and work with just your dog to reinforce behaviors learned.

3. Correctly Fitted Front Clip Harness & Double Leash

4. Treat Pouch & Training Clicker

5. Training Mat

6. Printed Homework Packet

7. Email Support

8. Lifetime Access to Facebook Support Group

9. Invitation to free Obedience Games group classes in the Spring & Fall

Cost of Program:

Enroll in this one-of-a-kind private training program for $1500

Additional dogs in the same household can receive a 50% off discount when enrolled together.


We specialize in a positive reinforcement training approach that builds a lasting mutual bond between people and their pets. We'll teach you how to communicate with your dog and build a cooperative relationship through high quality and customizable in-home coaching programs tailored to your needs.