Yes, cats CAN be trained! Have you ever seen a cat in a movie, TV show, or pet food commercial? That is a trained animal actor! My own cats hold official trick titles and are accomplished professional animal actors. I can help you train YOUR cat as well: from leash walking and tricks to solving behavior problems.

In-Home Cat Training & Behavior

Cat Eyes

Getting Started: Consultation

In-Home Consultation for Cats

We will get to know you and your cat in their home environment and develop a training or behavior modification program to meet your goals.



In-Home Behavior Modification

Solve Common Cat Behavior Issues

Behavior modification sessions are focused interventions to solve common behavior issues such as fear, aggression, anxiety, and litter box problems in cats.



In-Home Training Sessions

Train Your Cat Fun New Things!

These fun in-home training sessions are for teaching your cat new behaviors such as manners, tricks and stunts, leash walking, cooperative care, film work, and therapy work.


Virtual Cat Training & Behavior

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Virtual Consultation

Get Started With Virtual Cat Training

Using a webcam, we can evaluate your cat's environment and behavior and create a customized training or behavior modification plan with you. Your cat’s normal behaviors won’t be affected by our presence, giving us a realistic everyday picture.



Virtual Behavior Modification

Solve Common Cat Behavior Issues

Virtually conducted behavior modification sessions allow us to observe and coach you in detail without adding the stress of our presence to your cat.



Virtual Training Sessions

Fun Virtual Training with You and Kitty

Virtual training sessions for cats and kittens covering topics such as harness and leash training, socialization, manners, tricks, agility, and cooperative care.