Are you ready to tackle your dog's fear issues or reactive outbursts and be proud of their behavior?


Aggression cases (any dog that has attempted to bite or has bitten a human, or injured another dog) start with a phone call and an in-home behavior assessment to determine the best course of action for your dog and to make sure your dog's behavior issue is something we specialize in!


Turn your reactive dog into a pleasant walking companion:

What if you could confidently handle your dog in unexpected situations?

What if you looked forward to walking your dog and seeing neighbors or other dogs out and about?

What if you were proud of your dog's behavior?

With this program, you'll discover how to:

  1. Dramatically improve your dog’s behavior and bring joy back into your relationship,

  2. Incorporate behavior training into your every day lifestyle,

  3. Eliminate frustration, concern, and anxiety created by your dog’s behavior...


So that you can confidently walk your dog through your neighborhood with pep in your step!

"We were at our wits end with our reactive dog. Elizabeth was able to help us understand in just a couple sessions what our dog needed from us and how to work with and support her. We have made tremendous strides and our dog now gets to enjoy loose-leash walking (even right by the mailman!), trips to doggy daycare, and group training classes. When we first worked with Elizabeth, our two dogs needed to be kept separate at all times. We now only separate them at meal times. Life-saver is not an understatement."

Karen C.

During this 8 week program, you’ll receive in-person instruction, virtual support, homework packet, and essential training supplies.


Book a FREE discovery call to see if this makes sense for your family:


We specialize in a positive reinforcement training approach that builds a lasting mutual bond between people and their pets. We'll teach you how to communicate with your dog and build a cooperative relationship through high quality and customizable in-home coaching programs tailored to your needs.