Elizabeth Ann Sandoval, CTDI


I approach all pets with kindness as my number one priority.

I have been training animals professionally since 2010 and am committed to using only force-free, non-aversive techniques during both basic training and advanced behavior modification. I love sharing my experience with pet owners to help them understand their animal's behavior and reach their goals using positive reinforcement. I will teach you how to build a lasting relationship with your pet based on mutual cooperation and kindness. My relationship based approach to training ensures that both human and animal are enjoying the learning process and learning to communicate in a healthy way.


I am a Certified Trick Dog Instructor


To become a Certified Trick Dog Instructor® (CTDI) trainers must have earned at minimum an Intermediate Trick Dog Title with one of their own dogs and pass both a written and video exam demonstrating knowledge and ability to teach complex behaviors to animals using positive reinforcement training techniques. I have completed all of the requirements for the CTDI certification and have achieved Expert Trick Dog Titles with my own dogs. Many of my clients have since earned Novice through Advanced trick titles, including a rat and a horse!

I am a Pet Partners (formerly Delta Society) therapy animal handler.


I have three retired Pet Partner therapy dogs and one retired Pet Partners therapy rat, that provide Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Activities to local hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. My dogs and rat are also recognized Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) and participate in reading motivation programs. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience in working with therapy animals and passing therapy animal evaluations to help clients prepare to be a therapy animal handler themselves.

I am ready to help you unlock your pet's greatest potential!

I will coach you and your pets in the convenience of your own home. We will solve problems such as jumping on guests, dashing out the door, and pulling on leash in the environment where the problem is occurring. I also travel on site to work with your horses where they are stabled. No need for trailering arrangements! My programs are flexible and customizable to work with the busiest schedule. Contact me today to begin!

Elizabeth Sandoval

Elizabeth Sandoval CTDI

Certified Trick Dog Instructor

AKC Canine Good Citizen Approved Evaluator

Member of the Pet Professional Guild: Association for Force-Free Pet Professionals

and the Animal Behavior Management Alliance



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