Are you ready to enjoy walking your dog with confidence and ease?

Puller to Pleasant
in 5 Weeks

Transform your walks into a mutually pleasant experience:

What if you looked forward to walking your dog?

What if you were proud of your dog's behavior?

What if training your dog was fun and enjoyable?

With this program, you'll discover how to:

  1. Confidently respond to pulling without a power struggle,

  2. Use the right walking equipment for your dog,

  3. Enjoy walking your dog in your neighborhood.

"Elizabeth is the very best thing that could have happened to us as new dog owners! She has helped us so much in our effort to train our two Border Collies. Her consistently positive approach is not just refreshing , it works!!"

David M.

What's Included:

1. In-Home Private Coaching Sessions

Five one-on-one coaching sessions for you and your dog in your neighborhood.

2. Walk & Train Lessons

20 Walk & Train lessons where we come to your home and work with just your dog to reinforce leash walking skills.

3. Correctly Fitted Front Clip Harness & Double Leash

4. Treat Pouch & Training Clicker

5. Printed Homework Packet

6. Email Support

7. Lifetime Access to Facebook Support Group

8. Invitation to free Obedience Games group classes in the Spring & Fall

Cost of Program:

Enroll in this one-of-a-kind leash walking program for $1350

Additional dogs in the same household can receive a 50% off discount when enrolled together.


We specialize in a positive reinforcement training approach that builds a lasting mutual bond between people and their pets. We'll teach you how to communicate with your dog and build a cooperative relationship through high quality and customizable in-home coaching programs tailored to your needs.