Denton Dog Obedience Training

"We were at our wits end with our reactive dog. Elizabeth was able to help us understand in just a couple sessions what our dog needed from us and how to work with and support her. We have made tremendous strides and our dog now gets to enjoy loose-leash walking (even right by the mailman!), trips to doggy daycare, and group training classes. When we first worked with Elizabeth, our two dogs needed to be kept separate at all times. We now only separate them at meal times. Life-saver is not an understatement."

Karen C.

Denton Dog Obedience Training

"Elizabeth is a wonderful professional trainer. Our dear mixed shepherd that we adopted was a handful for my husband and I last January. We started puppy training, ( should be called people training!) and Trixie earned her Canine Good Citizen certification. Trix is a happy well adjusted 15 month old pup working towards her next certification. Training is fun and you learn so much. I highly recommend Stay Positive Animal Training for anyone who wants to understand their pets behavior. Thank you Elizabeth for your knowledge, patience, and kindness."

Nancy R.

Denton Positive Horse Training

"We will begin next week a program with our trainer Elizabeth Sandoval via video/phone. Elizabeth moved a few years ago to the Denton area but before that, she trained me and Krystal using a clicker/treat method. We learned so much in a calm, mutually respectful manner and she was the first person I contacted to help us with our loading issues."

Debbie P.

Denton Dog Obedience Training

"The first session with Elizabeth was great! Our dog was already picking up on good behaviors. When she left, my husband and I felt like we can have a good dog that's a model citizen. If you need training with your dog, we would definitely recommend contacting Elizabeth at Stay Positive Animal Training!"

Rachael K.

Denton Dog Obedience Trainer

"Elizabeth is an amazing trainer! We did the platinum package and the work that Elizabeth helped us achieve with our puppy has been astonishing! I hadn’t had any experience training dogs, and this was my first dog as an adult, and Elizabeth helped me and my fiancé feel comfortable with all the development phases. She’s an amazing trainer and is so knowledgeable! She’s also super understanding, as any time we needed to reschedule a session she was kind and willing to reschedule. What a great experience for us and our puppy. We just finished our last session of the package and we passed our canine good citizen! We had little time to train during the week as I work full time and do school full time, and we were still able to achieve such awesome accomplishments! I’m super proud of our puppy and very satisfied with Elizabeth’s training!"

Nona Z.

Denton Dog Behaviorist

"Our first session with Elizabeth at Stay Positive Animal Training was great. Elizabeth is very professional and has the knowledge and experience to help with any issues your puppy may show. We are looking forward to our next session with her."

John O.

Denton Dog Training

"Elizabeth is the very best thing that could have happened to us as new dog owners! She has helped us so much in our effort to train our two Border Collies. Her consistently positive approach is not just refreshing , it works!!"

David M.