Dog Walking & Running

Walking Dogs

Single 30-Minute Walk/Run

Exercise & Leash Walking Practice!

Gone all day and worried about your dog needing a potty break? Need help exercising your pup or practicing leash walking skills? Let us come walk your dog for you during the day. They get exercise and you get peace of mind. Discounts available for multiple dogs.


Taking the dog for a walk

Walk/Run Subscriptions

Weekly & Monthly Discount Plans

Set up a weekly or monthly walk/run subscription plan, choose how many walks per week you want, and reap the benefits of a well-exercised dog!

Plans starting at $50/week


Dog Eating Dog Food

Feed/Potty/Play Visits

30 Minute Potty/Feed/Play Visits

We'll come check on your pets multiple times during the day to feed, potty, and play with them while you are away. Training practice can be added to visits as well!

$50/2 visits per day

$75/3 visits per day

Training add-on +$50/day

dogs in robes

Overnight Housesitting

We Stay With Your Pet in Their Home

Need more than just a few potty/food visits for your pets? We'll stay with them in your home while you are away! Rest assured that your pets are safe and comfortable in their own home under the watchful care of an experienced animal trainer.


Training add-on +$50/day

Image by Jamie Street


Leave Your Pet in our Trusted Care

We offer cage-free boarding in our own home for peace of mind while you are away. Training practice is also an optional add-on service while your pet stays with us!

*Currently limited to cats and small cat-friendly dogs.


Training add-on +$50/day