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Stay Positive Animal Training Denton Texas

A Compassionate Approach to Teaching Pets


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I am a certified animal trainer that specializes in positive reinforcement. I have been training animals professionally since 2010 and am committed to using only modern, scientifically-grounded, reward-based training and management techniques.


​​My passion is in helping pets and their people understand one another and develop a mutually trusting and cooperative relationship. My compassion and empathy based approach ensures that both human and animal enjoy training and learn to communicate in a kind and healthy way.

I teach dogs and puppies everyday manners, Canine Good Citizen obedience, tricks, and scentwork sports. I also help solve many types of fear, reactivity, and aggression issues using force-free behavior modification techniques.


I train cats tricks and stunt work, manners, harness and leash walking, and help solve cat behavior issues. When you train with me, I will show you how to make training a fun game that you and your pet can enjoy playing together!

I also train horses, donkeys, mini pigs, birds, reptiles, and many other animal species using the same principles of positive reinforcement and relationship building.

- Elizabeth Ann Craver CTDI


Denton TX Positive Dog Training


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Denton Dog Training
Denton Dog Training
Denton Dog Training
Denton Dog Training
Denton Dog Training
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