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Welcome to Stay Positive Animal Training! We specialize in positive, reward-based training techniques. Our mission is to teach you and your dog using a kind and cooperative approach to accomplish all of your training goals and create a happy, motivated animal. We help you learn how to understand your dog and communicate effectively so that you can build a cooperative relationship together.


We train dogs of all breeds, ages, and personalities. We also train cats, horses, and exotic animals large and small.


Imagine the possibilities!

Imagine a dog that walks beautifully on leash and greets guests nicely at the door. Imagine a dog with a reliable stay in place as you enjoy a drink at a pet-friendly brewery. Imagine a dog that comes when called from all sorts of distractions. Imagine a dog enthusiastic about nail trims and vet visits.


Make these behaviors a reality today with Stay Positive Animal Training! We offer private, in-home sessions in your pet's regular environment. In-home training allows us to work with you one-on-one and solve your real-world issues where they are happening. Our customizable programs and flexible scheduling are sure to fit your individual needs.

From teaching manners and obedience to solving fear and aggression, we can help!


We teach new and alternative behaviors in a way that builds and strengthens the relationship between humans and their animal partners. Stay Positive Animal Training is committed to using only force-free training methods. We never use intimidation, corrections, dominance or force to train... we motivate and teach you and your dog using positive reinforcement so that training is fun and your dog understands clearly what you want and loves cooperating with you!

Are you ready to unleash your dog's potential using the power of positive training?



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