A Compassionate Approach to Teaching Pets

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What Exactly Does “A Compassionate Approach” Entail?

Our passion is to help dogs, cats, and their people understand one another and develop a mutually trusting and cooperative relationship. We specialize in positive reinforcement and a choice-based training approach that respects the emotions of the animal. We never use corrections, intimidation, fear, or punishment when training any animal. We work hard to ensure both you and your pet are having fun, learning, and enjoying the training process together.


 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We offer private in-home training in the Denton, Texas area, and virtual training sessions anywhere in the world.

Email: staypositivetraining@gmail.com Call or Text: (361) 424-2254


About Elizabeth

I am a certified dog trainer and have been training animals professionally since 2010. I teach both everyday manners and performance sports. I also work with cats, horses, and many other animal species.

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In-Home Consultation

During your initial in-home consultation, we will come to you and meet you and your pets in your home. This allows us the opportunity to get to know your pets’ temperaments, personalities, and current skills. We’ll also learn more about you and your goals, and we will develop a personalized training plan for you together. We’ll get you started with training basics right away, and suggest management solutions for behaviors you are struggling with.


Virtual Consultation

Virtual consultations are an excellent option for distance learning. Using a webcam, we can still see and coach you and your pet one-on-one in detail. Your pet’s normal behaviors won’t be affected by our presence, giving a more realistic everyday picture. Your pet will also not be distracted by the trainer’s presence, allowing for more successful learning in the beginning stages of teaching new behaviors. Some of our greatest clients have been virtual!


Why Us?

Animal behavior is a science, and it is always evolving and growing. New studies are constantly being done to understand the best and most effective ways to teach animal minds. We stay up-to-date on behavior science and continue our education by attending seminars and workshops every year from experts in the animal behavior and training fields. We strive to bring you only the most effective, humane, and current training techniques.


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