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 Board & Train Programs

Does your busy lifestyle make in-home training difficult to manage? Are you frustrated with your dog's behavior and need a "reset"? Would you like to find a board and train program that you can trust to use positive reinforcement methods? Look no further, you've found us!
"Wanted to share what a game changer Blue's board and train has been. It's so amazing to be able to walk him without him dragging us behind him, and without him going insane reacting to every single thing we pass. He's also been easier to calm down inside after hearing or seeing something outside. Also did you teach him fetch? Before his time with you he wouldn't ever drop the ball to be able to throw it for him. Now he does and it's so much more fun!"
Denton aggressive dog training
~ Sarah J.

Are you ready to transform your dog's behavior?

Achieve your obedience and behavior goals positively and effectively!

Board and train programs with your dog's emotional well-being as the number one focus- ensuring your dog learns in the best way possible using positive reinforcement methods.



Board & train for puppies 3 to 5 months old

Puppies are a lot of work, we get it! We can take some of the burden off of you and make sure your puppy gets a solid foundation in obedience and life skills. During our puppy board & train program, we make sure your puppy is comfortable in their crate, potty training is progressing appropriately, and your puppy is getting positive social experiences while learning name recognition, leash walking skills, sit, down, stay, place, leave it, drop it, come when called, and cooperative handling.

We train using positive reinforcement methods and do not use any punishment or corrective collars. You can be assured that your puppy is having a great experience with training while they are in our care, and will come home with a foundation that you can build upon as they mature into a well-mannered dog.

Puppies will need to complete their vaccinations prior to attending.

What's included:

  • Two weeks of board & train: Your puppy will be in our home and a part of the family during their stay.

  • Photo updates of your puppy during their stay.

  • Two private follow up sessions after your puppy returns home (virtual if you are outside of our travel area).

  • Videos of your puppy's training progress.

  • Cues list for you to practice.

Denton puppy board and train

Who this program is for:

Our puppy board & train program is made for puppy owners that want us to do some of the foundation work for them so that they can then continue to build upon and practice their puppy's skills as they mature!



or 4 interest-free installments of $500 by

Board & train payment program

Schedule a Discovery Call

Book a no obligation free phone call with us to tell us about your training goals. Scheduling a call using our convenient online calendar avoids the dreaded phone tag game and insures we have plenty of time set aside to dedicate to you and your dogs. Schedule a call today to learn how we can help you and your dog succeed!


Enroll & Onboard

Once we select the right program for you and your dog, you will be able to complete payment, fill out paperwork, and schedule your drop off/pick up time, all simply and virtually. You'll receive a welcome email with details on preparing for your dog's training before the big day!


The work (& fun) begins!

Here comes positive transformation with your dog! Prepare for a wonderful training journey as you learn how to better understand and communicate with your dog as we shape the good behaviors we want using positive reinforcement.

puppy foundatons
Denton Texas Board & Train Obedience

Who this program is for:

Pet owners with dogs of any age in need of manners/obedience foundations that want us to lay the foundation for them




Obedience skills for dogs over 5 months

Family Manners is a skills-oriented program aimed at teaching your dog obedience applicable to everyday pet life. Your dog will go on "field trips" during this program to Denton Square and other pet-friendly locations to practice.


This program covers these foundation skills: sit, down, stay, come, drop it, leave it, place/targeting, and leash walking. We address issues such as excited jumping, door dashing, and leash pulling during this program and customize the program to your individual dog.

At the end of this program your dog will have a solid foundation of positive-trained obedience and life skills that you can continue reinforcing using treats and/or toy rewards. You'll also understand how to manage and change unwanted behavior with confidence.

Dogs need current vaccinations, including kennel cough, to attend this program and must be crate trained.

* For safety and liability reasons, as well as to abide by local leash laws, we do not train "off-leash". We always use a long line for safety when training in unfenced locations.

What's included:

  • Three weeks of board & train: Your dog will be in our home and a part of the family during their stay; we do not have outdoor kennels.

  • Photo updates of your dog during their stay

  • Three private follow up sessions after your dog returns home (virtual if you are outside of our travel area)

  • Videos of your dog's training progress

  • Cues list for you to practice at home



Board & train/ private session combo for dogs with dog-directed leash reactivity

Leash reactivity towards other dogs is a very common issue experienced by dog owners. It is frustrating and embarrassing for your dog to bark and lunge at other dogs or people; whether it be out of excitement, fear, frustration, or aggression. There is no magic wand to make leash reactivity just go away, but there are some amazing techniques I can teach you and your dog to manage, reduce, and prevent this behavior.

When it comes to leash reactivity, I can't get away with just training your dog. I could get your dog to the point of not reacting around other dogs when I handle them, but there is so much I need to also teach YOU so you can continue to be successful! That's why this program is a combination of board & train for your dog, and private lessons for you.

*This program is for dogs with dog-directed reactivity. Human directed reactivity is not suitable for board & train; talk to us about our in-home reactivity program!

What's included:

  • Three weeks of board & train focused on getting your dog the practice they need in various setups around other dogs

  • Six private sessions with you and your dog together, either twice a week for 3 weeks or 3 times a week for two weeks

  • Photo updates and training videos while your dog is boarding

  • Invitation to schedule decoy set-ups for continued practice once you complete the program

Reactive Dog Training & Behavior Denton TX

Who this program is for:

Frustrated dog owners with leash reactive dogs seeking help to change their dog's behavior without force or punishment





No pressure or obligation. :)

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