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Elizabeth and Josh Faubion of Stay Positive Animal Training

About Stay Positive
Animal Training

We don't just train dogs... we build human-animal relationships. By putting your pet's emotional well-being at the forefront of our training programs, we help you build a bond that will last a lifetime of adventures together.

Stay Positive Animal Training has been family owned and operated since 2011. We are a husband and wife team dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience and teaching people how to understand and train their dogs with positive reinforcement.

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Josh Faubion CTDI CCFC

My passion is teaching. I love helping you learn how to communicate with your dog, teach new skills using positive reinforcement, and improve your dog's life.

I am a professional dog trainer, Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI), Canine Conditioning & Fitness Coach (CCFC), and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Teaching humans and animals is our full-time family business!

​I offer private in-home training for basic manners and obedience skills for dogs and puppies of all breeds, trick training, and canine conditioning and fitness coaching. I also offer dog walking services, socialization field trips, and drop-in petsitting.

Elizabeth Faubion CTDI

I am a certified multi species animal trainer specializing in positive reinforcement. I have been training professionally since 2010 and am committed to using modern, scientifically-grounded, positive reinforcement training techniques.


​​My passion is in helping pets and their people understand one another. When you train with me, I will show you how to make training a fun game that you and your dog can enjoy together.

I teach dogs and puppies everyday manners, Canine Good Citizen obedience skills, tricks, and scent sports. I also specialize in solving reactivity issues using force-free behavior modification techniques.


I train cats tricks and film work, leash walking, and help solve cat behavior issues. I also train horses, donkeys, mini pigs, birds, reptiles, and many other animal species using the same principles of positive reinforcement and relationship building.

Denton Dog Training

What Clients Say

" Elizabeth is the very best thing that could have happened to us as new dog owners! She has helped us so much in our effort to train our two Border Collies. Her consistently positive approach is not just refreshing , it works!!"
~ David and Beth
Denton Dog Obedience

We understand first hand many of the same situations our clients are in, and the frustrations they experience with their dogs. We put ourselves in your shoes and share our own stories to make clients feel at ease and realize that they are not alone. We are compassionate and understanding trainers with people and animals alike.


Stay Positive is our name, and we mean it! We teach humans and animals alike with patience, kindness, and positive reinforcement. Many of our clients come to us stressed and overwhelmed with their dogs. Through our training programs we not only solve behavior issues and teach good manners, but we teach you how to see and enjoy the potential in your dog.


Dog training never ends, even once your dog graduates training classes. Every interaction your dog has, he is learning. Our goal is to empower YOU with the knowledge and skills you need to continue training long after we are gone, so you can enjoy a lifelong partnership with your dog.

Dog Walker


No pressure or obligation. :)

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