Training Services

Are you an overwhelmed new puppy owner not sure where to begin with training? Are you overwhelmed with a wild teenage dog that's causing mayhem? Does your dog's lack of manners in public embarrass you? We will help you with ALL of these issues with one of our signature training programs!
"Elizabeth is a wonderful professional trainer. Our dear mixed shepherd that we adopted was a handful for my husband and I last January. We started puppy training, ( should be called people training!) and Trixie earned her Canine Good Citizen certification. Trix is a happy well adjusted 15 month old pup working towards her next certification. Training is fun and you learn so much. I highly recommend Stay Positive Animal Training for anyone who wants to understand their pets behavior. Thank you Elizabeth for your knowledge, patience, and kindness."
~ Nancy and Trixie

Are you ready to transform your dog's behavior?

We will help you achieve your obedience and behavior goals positively and effectively!

Our training programs are built with the goal of setting up both humans and dogs for success. We want you to come away from our training program understanding how to communicate with your dog with patience and empathy using positive reinforcement techniques. We want to transform your life with your dog to one of understanding, enjoyment, and mutual trust, so you can enjoy a lifetime of adventures together!


Schedule a Discovery Call

Book a no obligation free phone call with us to learn more about our programs and tell us about your training goals! Scheduling a call using our convenient online calendar avoids the dreaded phone tag game and insures we have plenty of time set aside to dedicate to learning about you and your dog(s). Schedule a call today to learn how we can help you and your dog succeed!


Enroll & Onboard

Once we select the right program for you and your dog, you will be able to complete payment, fill out paperwork, and schedule your sessions all using our simple online portal. Sessions can easily be rescheduled online for your convenience. You'll receive a welcome email with details on preparing for your first session so we will be ready to begin the fun of training right away! 


The work (& fun) begins!

Here comes positive transformation with your dog! Prepare for a wonderful training journey as you learn how to better understand and communicate with your dog as we shape the good behaviors we want using positive reinforcement.


About our programs:

We've designed our one-of-a-kind training programs after years of experience working with hundreds of dogs and families to bring out your dog's best potential and solve frustrating behavior issues, all while staying positive and having fun!


Our programs are designed for young puppies, teen tyrants, and adult dogs in need of manners. We also have special programs just for leash pulling and leash reactivity (on-leash aggression), tricks, and nosework (scent detection).

We come to you and work with you and your dog one-on-one in your home to set you up for success. Together we'll train door manners, polite greetings, leash manners, obedience skills, and much much more! Our programs also include dog focused Day Training sessions, which gives your pup the benefit of working directly with a trainer without having to stay away at a facility. Day Train sessions are convenient to schedule while you are at work to give your dog exercise and training practice while you are away- or you can be a part of these sessions too!

Our advanced obedience, Canine Good Citizen, and reactivity programs also include one-on-one coaching sessions in pet-friendly public locations to prepare you for real-world distractions, so you can enjoy including your dog in the family adventures and be proud of yor pup's behavior.

What's included:

  • One-on-one in-home coaching sessions with you and your dog

  • Dog-focused day train sessions to boost your dog's skills

  • Virtual support and coaching through email, facebook, and text message

  • Specially curated training supplies: harness, leash, treat pouch, and more!

  • Homework packet for progress and skills tracking

  • Invitation to exclusive group practice classes in the fall of every year


Who our programs are for:

Our in-home programs are made for the dedicated dog owner that wants to learn and train alongside their dog, have fun using positive methods, and involve the whole family in the training process.


Investment: In-Home Programs start at $1500

*Payment plans available


Who this program is for:

Busy pet owners with dogs in need of manners/obedience foundations that want us to quickly and efficiently teach their pups the basics for them using positive reinforcement methods


About our programs:

Our positive board and train programs are an elite option to accelerate your dog's obedience and manners foundation quickly. Your dog will be living with two trainers 24/7 and be a part of our family during their stay. This allows us to teach your dog directly rather than coach you through every step of the training process. Your dog will go home with a foundation of skills that you can continue to build upon and reinforce throughout their lives.


Board and train programs are an excellent choice for busy families that want a well mannered dog but would like us to do the burden of foundation training for them. Once your dog graduates the program, we will coach you and your dog together on their return to you to "transfer" their skills and make sure you understand how to continue reinforcing and progressing their training.


We offer board and train programs for young puppy foundations, teenage terrors in need of manners, adult dog obedience, and public manners/Canine Good Citizen skills.

What's included:

  • Board & train in our home environment (no outdoor kennels)

  • Pick up & drop off in the DFW metroplex

  • One-on-one coaching session at drop off to transfer skills

  • One private follow up coaching session 2-4 weeks after drop off

  • Specially curated training supplies: harness, leash, treat pouch, and more!

  • Homework packet for progress and skills tracking

  • Regular photo and video updates during your dog's stay

  • Invitation to exclusive group practice classes in the fall of every year

Home & Advanced Manners


5 Week Board & Train Program

Take your dog's foundation to the next level with distractions:

  • Leash walking, greetings, and manners in public
  • Learning to settle at pet-friendly restaurant patios

  • Customize your dog's outings to your lifestyle

Home Manners Foundation


3 Week Board & Train Program

Let us build a solid foundation for you in our home:

  • Basic obedience skills using positive reinforcement

  • Polite leash walking foundation

  • Door and greeting manners, table manners, etc

*Board and train programs are not suitable for fear, anxiety, or aggression issues



About our dog walking services:

Gone all day and worried about your dog needing a potty break? Need help exercising your pup or practicing leash walking skills? Our assistant dog trainer and dog walker Josh will come walk and exercise your dog for you during the day while practicing good leash manners. Not only is Josh and experienced dog walker and trainer-in-training, he is certified in pet first aid and CPR. He can walk dogs of any size, including reactive dogs and dogs with special needs, using positive training and force-free handling techniques.

In addition to neighborhood walks, we also offer adventure field trips for your pups. We will pick up your dog and take them to a pet-friendly public location for enrichment and socialization, then drop them back off at home when they are tired. This is a great opportunity for both exercise and training for your pup!


30 Minute Walk


  • Perfect for dogs needing exercise during the day

  • Your dog's leash manners reinforced properly

  • Expert handling skills for leash reactive dogs

  • Pet first aid & CPR Certified dog walker

60-90 Minute Field Trip


  • Fun outing for your dog to a pet-friendly location

  • Socialization appropriate for your dog's personality

  • Practice manners and leash skills around distractions

  • Your dog is in the care of certified professionals



No pressure or obligation. :)