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Training Services

Are you a new puppy owner not sure where to begin with training? Are you overwhelmed with a wild teenage dog that's causing mayhem? Does your dog's lack of manners in public embarrass you? We will help you with ALL of these issues with one of our signature training programs!
"Elizabeth is a wonderful professional trainer. Our dear mixed shepherd that we adopted was a handful for my husband and I last January. We started puppy training, ( should be called people training!) and Trixie earned her Canine Good Citizen certification. Trix is a happy well adjusted 15 month old pup working towards her next certification. Training is fun and you learn so much. I highly recommend Stay Positive Animal Training for anyone who wants to understand their pets behavior. Thank you Elizabeth for your knowledge, patience, and kindness."
~ Nancy and Trixie

Are you ready to transform your dog's behavior?

We will help you achieve your obedience and behavior goals positively and effectively!

Our training programs are built with the goal of setting up both humans and dogs for success. We want you to come away from our programs understanding how to communicate with your dog using positive reinforcement techniques. We want to transform your life with your dog to one of understanding, enjoyment, and mutual trust, so you can enjoy a lifetime of adventures together!


Schedule a Discovery Call

Book a no obligation free phone call with us to learn more about our programs and tell us about your training goals! Scheduling a call using our convenient online calendar avoids the dreaded phone tag game and insures we have plenty of time set aside to dedicate to learning about you and your dog(s). Schedule a call today to learn how we can help you and your dog succeed!


Enroll & Onboard

Once we select the right program for you and your dog, you will be able to complete payment, fill out paperwork, and schedule your sessions, all simply and virtually. Sessions can easily be rescheduled online for your convenience. You'll receive a welcome email with details on preparing for your first session so we will be ready to begin the fun of training right away! 


The work (& fun) begins!

Here comes positive transformation with your dog! Prepare for a wonderful training journey as you learn how to better understand and communicate with your dog as we shape the good behaviors we want using positive reinforcement.


In-home training program for puppies under 6 months

We've designed our one-of-a-kind puppy program after being in the homes of hundreds of new puppy owners over the years, plus raising and training several of our own! We've heard your questions and your frustrations many times over, and are ready to help YOU and your new puppy navigate this fun, and sometimes exhausting, puppy stage with confidence and positivity.

Are you drowning in puppy puddles and poo poo? Is your puppy's biting and chewing causing havoc in your home? Are you unsure how best to introduce leash walking and basic manners? Do you want to make sure your puppy is well prepared for adult dog life; everything from nail trims and vet visits to meeting new people and dogs? This program is for you!


What's included:

  • In-home coaching sessions with you and your puppy: We come to you and train in the safety and comfort of your home, which is your puppy's best learning environment AND is the safest venue for puppies that haven't completed their vaccines

  • Virtual support through email, facebook, and/or text message

  • Specially curated training supplies: harness, leash, treat pouch, chew and tug toys, and more essentials selected especially for your puppy

  • Progress and skill tracking charts & custom housetraining schedule

Image by Austin Kirk

Who this program is for:

Our puppy program is made for the dedicated new puppy owner that wants to learn and train alongside their puppy, have fun using positive methods, and come away with a greater understanding of canine behavior and training.


Who this program is for:

Pet owners with dogs of any age in need of manners/obedience foundations that want to efficiently teach their pups using positive reinforcement methods


Private obedience skills program for dogs over 6 months

Our private skills program is an elite option to accelerate your dog's obedience and manners foundation quickly. We'll be teaching you and your dog together using the most up-to-date, proven, and effective positive reinforcement based training techniques.


This program covers all of the obedience foundation skills: sit, down, stay, come, drop it, leave it, place/targeting, and leash walking. We address topics such as excited jumping, door dashing, and leash pulling during this program and customize your sessions and homework based on your individual dog and your most important goals.

At the end of this program you will have a better understanding of how canines think and learn, and how to utilize shaping, capturing, and luring to teach and reinforce your dog using treats and/or toy rewards. You'll also understand how to manage and change unwanted behavior with confidence.

What's included:

  • Private coaching sessions with you and your dog: This program can be completed entirely in your home and backyard (usually your dog's best learning environment) or at a local park (if suitable for your dog's attention level and your goals).

  • Virtual support through email, facebook, and/or text message

  • Specially curated training supplies: harness or martingale, leash, treat pouch, training toys specific to your dog's drive, and more essentials selected especially for your dog

  • Progress and skill tracking charts

  • Invitation to enroll in advanced level training programs that incorporate more distractions and real-life scenarios



Private training program for leash reactivity

Leash reactivity is a very common issue experienced by dog owners. It is frustrating and embarrassing for your dog to bark and lunge at other dogs or people; whether it be out of excitement, fear or aggression. Regardless of the root cause of your dog's leash reactivity, this program is for you! We help you manage and resolve leash reactivity using proven force-free methods. We'll teach you how to effectively change your dog's behavior so you can enjoy walks together once again.

What's included:

  • In-home/on location coaching sessions with you and your puppy: These may be at your home, in your neighborhood, or at a local park, depending on your dog's specific reactivity issue

  • Virtual support through email, facebook, and/or text message

  • Specially curated training supplies: harness or martingale, leash, treat pouch, chew and tug toys, and more essentials selected especially for your dog's training

  • Progress and skill tracking charts

  • Invitation to schedule decoy set-ups for continued your practice once you complete the coaching program


Who this program is for:

Frustrated dog owners with leash reactive dogs seeking help to change their dog's behavior without force or punishment



No pressure or obligation. :)

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