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Dog Walker


About our dog walking services:

Gone all day and worried about your dog needing a potty break? Need help exercising your pup or practicing leash walking skills? Our assistant dog trainer and dog walker Josh will come walk and exercise your dog for you during the day while practicing good leash manners. Not only is Josh an experienced dog walker and trainer-in-training, he is certified in pet first aid and CPR. He can walk dogs of any size, including reactive dogs and dogs with special needs, using positive training and force-free handling techniques.

In addition to neighborhood walks, we also offer adventure field trips for your pups. We will pick up your dog and take them to a pet-friendly public location for enrichment and socialization, then drop them back off at home when they are tired. This is a great opportunity for both exercise and training for your pup!

Denton Dog Walker

30 Minute Walk


  • Perfect for dogs needing exercise during the day

  • Your dog's leash manners reinforced properly

  • Expert handling skills for leash reactive dogs

  • Pet first aid & CPR Certified dog walker

60-90 Minute Field Trip


  • Fun outing for your dog to a pet-friendly location

  • Socialization appropriate for your dog's personality

  • Practice manners and leash skills around distractions

  • Your dog is in the care of certified professionals

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